What to Include in a Moving Day Essentials Box

Moving house is a big event in most peoples’ lives. From the moment you confirm the exchange of contracts, there is so much that you need to organise, from booking a removal company, to cancelling your utilities at your current address, and so much more. By the time your moving day rolls around, a lot of the work will have been done over the preceding weeks and months. However, this remains probably the busiest day in the whole process.

As one of the city’s leading removal companies, we have helped thousands of customers with their house removals in Leicester and the surrounding area. We always recommend that they put together an essentials box for the day of their big move. In this article, we’ll discuss the kinds of things you might want to put in it.

What is a moving essentials box?

Like the name suggests, a moving essentials box contains those things that you really can’t do without during the course of the moving day. Keeping your moving essential box separate and transporting it with you means that whatever happens during the day, you’ll always be well prepared and have the most important items to hand.

Whatever the reason, there will be times during your moving day where you are in your new home and your belongings haven’t arrived or, at the very least, haven’t been unpacked. Rather than rooting through dozens of boxes to get the main items you need for the day, putting together an essentials box ensures they’re all in one place when you need them most.

What goes into a moving essentials box?

The specific contents will vary from person to person and, of course, you know better than anybody what sort of items you’re going to need. This list should act as a guide to the kind of thing you might want to include:

Cleaning essentials

Kitchen essentials

Food and drink essentials

Bathroom and night-time essentials

Other essentials

Children essentials

With kids in tow, it’s all about keeping them entertained while you’re unpacking during the day. You know better than anyone what will do the trick, whether it’s toys, books, comics, or something else.

If you’re planning on moving home in Leicester, be sure to contact your local, reliable removal company today. Call Stokes Removals and Storage on 0116 239 3000 to discuss your requirements and get a free, no-obligation quote for our services.

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