Tips for Using Rental Storage Units – Leicester

If you need more space when relocating with excessive belongings, rental storage units are an incredibly convenient storage option. There are numerous reasons to rent a storage unit, but once you have made up your mind, you need to make sure your possessions are efficiently stored and protected. Leicester has many outdoor storage options, and the factors you base your decision on play a key role in delivering the value you expect.

Here are the top three tips and tricks that you need to know beforehand to utilise the service to the best of its potential:

Use Climate Controlled Storage

With the increasing popularity of luxury items in storage, there is a growing demand for secure and high-quality storage with climate-controlled facilities. Climate controlled storage units maintain a consistent temperature all year round. There is also an option of enhanced humidity control in some units, which cost a little extra but are worth the investment.
Basic storage is usually sufficient for most household items but climate controlled storage becomes necessary for sensitive items like antiques, electronics, musical instruments, art or other temperature-sensitive fabric which include glass, metals, leather, and plastics. Climate control will insulate your possessions from extreme weather conditions.

Choose Proper Boxes and Packing Materials

Once you have made the decision of moving things into a storage unit, the next step is to decide how to ensure the safety of your belongings. Even though it is tempting to use cheap boxes, they may not be up to the task. Careful packing goes a long way in keeping your household items intact. It is always better to buy new boxes as compared to using old ones as they may be damaged or contain bug-attracting food and water residue.

Special boxes are available that can suit a variety of needs; such as wardrobe boxes with racks and large boxes for mirrors or paintings. Maintain a tidy unit and stack boxes of the same size to ensure contents of the lower box don’t get crushed. Check the weight limit at the bottom of each box before packing and fill any empty space with Styrofoam peanuts to prevent breakage. Secure the boxes with heavy-duty tape and stack items of similar size together for perfect storage solutions.

Select Outdoor Storage

The advantage with outdoor storage is that it can be accessed from outside the building as well much like a garage. This makes access easy and gives users the ease to back a moving van or truck right at the door of the storage unit.

Other benefits of outdoor storage include:

  • It is usually more affordable than the indoor one making it an economical choice
  • More space is available for storing larger items and heavy loads
  • More convenient drive-up access for larger items such as appliances and furniture

There are numerous removals and storage companies based in Leicester and Leicestershire in East Midlands. Choose one that can provide excellent packages for moving, storing, and packing for domestic and commercial users. Make an educated decision and enjoy the maximum value and an absolute peace of mind.

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