Dealing with Moving Day Problems

When it comes to removals, Leicester residents can normally take it easy, knowing they have one of the city’s top firms right on their doorstep. At Stoke Removals and Storage we try to make your big move as stress and hassle-free as we possibly can.

Unfortunately, we can’t always do that. Life sometimes throws problems at you at the most inconvenient times – including when you’re moving house. While they can’t all be avoided, here are some of the more common ones and how to deal with them.


It’s impossible to control the weather and, as we move into the winter months, its increasingly likely that your moving day will be marred by wind, rain, and maybe even snow. While it can put a dampener (no pun intended) on your move, it’s normally not the end of the world. Most professional removal companies are well-experienced in driving under inclement conditions. They will work quickly to get your belongings on and off the van to limit any chance of water damage and drive carefully to your new home.

Bad movers

This is a particular bugbear for us as, when it comes to removal companies, Leicester has some of the best. Unfortunately, those few removal firms that treat their customers and their belongings poorly give the rest of us a bad name. We recommend researching your removal company before you commit to a contract with them. Check out their website, look for online reviews, and speak to friends and family for their recommendations.


While you can never plan 100% for traffic conditions – after all, accidents can and will happen – there are certain things you can do to eliminate this problem. Avoiding rush hour is an absolute must. Moving mid-morning, or on a weekend gives you the best chance of getting a smooth run to your new home.

Poor organisation

Moving house isn’t something that you should leave to the last minute. The last thing you want to be doing is frantically throwing your belongings into bags and boxes while the removal van is sat outside your house. Plan ahead. Box up all non-essentials, a few boxes at a time in the weeks or months leading to the move. Label everything clearly and make sure everybody knows who is responsible for what.

If you’re looking to move house and hope to minimise your moving day problems, get in touch with Stokes Removals and Storage. As one of the leading removal companies in Leicester, you can trust us to make your move as painless as possible.

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