Decluttering your home before a move

Moving house is as exciting as it is stressful, with a whole life to be packed up into boxes and shipped to a new destination. To cope with the stress, think of it more as a time of renewal, when you can get rid of some of the old stuff you have been burdened with. Here, Stokes Removals & Storage shows you how.

Categorise your life

Dealing with everything in a room can seem like an impossible task, so it’s best to categorise everything into types of object from all over the house. This way, you’ll tackle the whole house at once and boxes will be full of the same thing for ease of unpacking.

Crucially, you need to have a ‘pack’ box and a ‘donate’ box. This way, you can de-clutter as you go along, and see each item in context before you decide its time to go.

The ‘space’ method

If you feel you have too much of something, find out the volume of storage space you’ll have in your new house and mark out that space on your floor. Put everything you’ll want to store into that space, starting with your most beloved items, and donate or bin anything that doesn’t fit. It’s ruthless, but it forces you to decide what stays and what goes.

Consider your options

We can’t always have the luxury of being able to take everything with us, but there are some things we just don’t want to throw away or can’t sell. If you have items or furniture that it will take some time to move, but you have a firm moving out day, why not consider storage? It’s a great short-term option for keeping hold of large but beloved pieces of furniture, and you can reclaim them when you’re ready to move in.

Get going

You can give yourself more options for what to do if you start planning early. Setting up a shop on an auction site or arranging a garage sale is easier with a bit of time behind you, and you’ll have more success. It can also help to have neighbours and friends over to help – and they have to be booked in advance!

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