How to Stay Calm on Moving Day?

Moving day is an exciting time. It comes after months of preparation, finalising a sale, confirming a new property, arranging with a removals company and more. All of this brings stress. Though moving can be a joyful time, it is often linked to a big life change which can introduce a lot of uncertainty.

It’s normal to feel stressed when it comes to moving house or apartment, but too much stress can have an impact on your health and impair your judgement – something you want to limit if you’re going through a big change like moving house!

Stokes Removals have helped thousands of clients since starting in the removals business over 50 years ago. As a family-run business, the knowledge and experience of how to organise moving day has been passed on and refined. We know how best to help clients experience a stress-free moving day, so read on to find out our tips.

Take Care Of Yourself

Even in the case that you are moving house under happy circumstances, it is still a major upheaval. You are breaking away from your usual routines and familiar environment and this is sure to affect you. If possible, take a few days off work prior to the move so that your focus is not divided. Before moving day you will be busy but don’t skip meals or cut down on sleep.

Plan As Much As Possible


It’s tempting to set your sights on moving day and expect everything to fall into place afterwards, but there’s a lot you can do before the moving vans roll up on your drive. Changing your bills over such as internet, gas and energy can be done in advance and getting ongoing payments set up automatically means so you don’t have to worry about missing them in the first few hectic months. Other small gestures like finding a boutique coffee shop in the new area you’d like to try or registering your children for the local library can help ease the emotional stresses of moving and allow you to envision your new life.

Accept and Ask for Help

With so many different things to juggle, it can sometimes feel like you have to take responsibility for every aspect of a move. Though delegating tasks can feel like more trouble than it’s worth, it’s key to avoiding stress and getting overloaded. Looking at online shopping instead of going to the grocery store can save time, and asking friends and family to pick up kids from school or even walking the dog can help clear your schedule so you can concentrate on the rest of your to do list.

Let The Experts Take the Pressure Off

Most people move less than half a dozen times in their life, and each time is different. With 50 years of experience, at Stokes we have encountered and resolved every challenge and pitfalls. Whether you’re moving up the road or to the other side of the country, we know how to plan your move so that your possessions are safely transported and unpacked without a hitch. We can even provide a packaging service including the packaging supplies to carefully pack up your items so you can just sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy your new home.

Worried about moving day? Allow us to take the stress out of your move. Call us on 0116 239 3000 today to speak to a member of our experienced and friendly team today for a no-obligation quote.

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