Why Self-Storage?

Self-storage can be hugely useful in a number of different situations, allowing you to take a load off your mind, and trust that your possessions are in safe hands

Self-storage can be an extremely neat and effective solution to a huge range of problems, but what is it especially useful for? Why use self-storage?

When Moving House

When you’re moving house, it can often be much easier if you don’t have to worry about where all your possessions are, especially if you’re staying in a smaller rented property before moving into your new home, or are simply downsizing.
Moving house can be really stressful, so knowing that your possessions are completely safe and sound can be a big help.

When Getting Work Done on Your House

No-one enjoys having the builders in. Loud, dusty and risky for your furniture and property, it’d make things much easier if all that stuff simply wasn’t there.
Which is exactly what you can do with self-storage. If you don’t have the space to move all your things fully out of the way, or if you simply don’t want the rest of your property even more disturbed by the work going on, it can be an easy and straightforward solution to keeping your things at home during the work.

Stock Storage for Businesses

For many businesses, the flexibility of high security, easy access stock storage is incredibly appealing, and that’s exactly what self-storage offers. With monitored, alarmed and secure units, accessible twenty-four hours a day, you’re going to struggle to find anywhere better to keep your stock, especially without breaking the bank.

Archiving for Businesses

Lots of different businesses are required to hold on to documents and paperwork for years, which quickly mounts up to a fairly sizable storage issue. Document storage and archiving is a legal requirement, so it has to be prioritised, but when you haven’t got room to fit yet another filing cabinet, what are you meant to do?
Use self-storage, that’s what! Self-storage units offer secure environments, free from moisture and with monitored humidity, allowing you to trust that your private, important documents are archived safely and securely.
When it comes to running any business, it’s all about keeping costs down, and efficiency up, with a steady focus on simplicity. Self-storage has proven incredibly useful for a variety of business purposes, allowing smaller operations to continue growing, without having to spend a bomb on extra premises.

Tons of Other Uses and Possibilities

At the end of the day, a storage unit is a blank canvas, and within sensible boundaries, there’s almost no end to the possibilities of storage units. There’s been pop-up gyms and cafes run from storage units, as well as loads of other wacky business ideas.

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