Reasons to hire a professional moving company

When you move house you have a choice between using a professional moving company and doing it yourself. Here we explore why you should turn to a professional moving company every time.

It keeps you safe

Moving heavy items can be dangerous to both yourself and others. While moving a wardrobe across a room might be manageable, carrying it down two flights of stairs and then up into a rental van will be a lot harder. Don’t put your back out. Get professional help.

Your friends won’t regret knowing you

Helping a friend move is a real hassle and while your friends may lend a hand and be gracious about it, they won’t want to be there. Save yourself from the frustrating arguments and fallouts as you try to manoeuvre a sofa through a doorway.

It frees up time

On moving day there is a lot more that you should be thinking about rather than how best to lift a chest of drawers off of a van. Moving itself will take up a lot of time, so take the burden of lifting off your own shoulders and hire someone in to do it for you.

They have the right kit

Movers will also bring the correct kit to the moving process. With the right lifting and packing equipment the job will be done faster and your furniture will be kept in better condition.

Movers have storage

Movers will have access to self storage in Leicester which will give you peace of mind if anything does go wrong with the move. Sometimes key collection can be delayed and this can be a real nightmare if you have a lorry load of possessions that you need to move in. Having a professional removals company on side will give you access to storage if you need it.

Your valuables are insured

When you use a professional company to move, all of your possessions will be insured. This means you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that your worldly goods are safe during transport.

To arrange removals or storage services with a professional moving provider in Leicester, contact us at Stokes Removals & Storage here.

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