Reasons Why You Should Move to Leicester – Right Now!

Whether you are looking for a residential removal in Leicestershire or thinking of possibly a commercial removal – Leicester has a lot to offer you.

Here at Stokes Removals, we decided to help you with making your decision, making sure you not only learn about the city but what opportunities Leicester offers (whether you are moving for an office relocation or house removals) and why you should call for help with a removal company.


Situated in the East Midlands, Leicester lies on the River Soar and stands at a convenient distance of cities such as Nottingham, Birmingham, and London.

With the hustle and bustle of city life, there is a wealth of opportunity within this area. Outside of the city you are relieved of the city ambiance and greeted with countryside roads and smaller villages.

A city of business 

You will find a wealth of business, ranging from small to global across the city and surrounding areas.

With a range of close amenities close by, Leicester is the perfect place to move to – whether it is for business opportunities or you are moving there with your family.

Tourist Attractions

Leicester has many attractions for you to explore, especially with the most famous attraction of King Richard III Visitor Centre coming into light.

Leicester will be able to provide you with a wide range of touristy features, from family all-time favourite events to enriching historical attractions and multi-cultural cuisine experiences – there is something for the whole family (or new office staff!).

Finding the right team for you

There are so many benefits for utilising a removal company when you are relocating to Leicester.

One example is that you can have professional assistance with your packing – making sure that your items are packed efficiently so there is no risk during transit, giving you peace of mind and reassurance that there will be no breakage.

As well as being a fully-stocked service, you will also be able to discuss variables such as the date you wish to move, time and a list of any heavy or fragile items that need extra TLC.

This can be an excellent form of communication for both you and your removal service, allowing you both to have a clear understanding of the task at hand. It is also a great idea to state which items you would like to pack yourself to stop any confusion and any items you wish to leave in storage.

A team you can trust

Here at Stoke Removals, we are a team of highly experienced and trained removal specialists, providing you with the ultimate solution to your moving requirements. Our team has a fleet of fully insured removal vans, made to keep your items safe and secure within transit.

We also provide a storage solution if you have furniture you don’t need within your new property and either wish to sell or be transported at a later stage.

Prioritising assistance for both domestic and corporate situations, we can help you move accordingly and efficiently to Leicester – with minimum fuss and maximum satisfaction. Contact our team of specialists today for a free, no-obligation quote!

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