Keeping your property secure during a house move

Moving Day can be a hectic time for anybody. You’re trying to synch up your last minute packing with getting your belongings loaded onto the removal truck. People are in and out of your house. Neighbours and other locals are coming to say farewell, or just to have a good nose at what’s going on. You may have pets or small children running around underfoot. Emotions are high and everybody is on edge.

While this is par for the course for house removals, all that hustle and bustle makes your belongings a prime target for opportunistic thieves. Boxes left unattended on the kerbside are easy pickings for anyone daring enough to just walk by and run off with them. As the leading removal company in Leicester, we have put together the following bits of advice for anyone looking to keep their belongings safe on moving day.

Keep your move to yourself

Moving house is a big life event and we understand the desire to let everybody know about it, but try to keep it to your nearest and dearest. Resist the temptation to post about it on social media – at the very least, avoid posting pertinent details like the date and time of the move. Even if you have your posts set to friends and family, you can never be 100% sure who is reading your timeline. Wait until the move has taken place and then brag about it online. That way you get to show off your new house at the same time.

Label boxes with location rather than contents

Label boxes with location rather than contents

This is a simple, but effective way to lower the risk of someone just ambling past your home on moving day and swiping one of your boxes. If you label a box as ‘electronics’ or ‘camera equipment’ somebody might take the chance of stealing something like that. If you label them as ‘family room’, ‘study’, or ‘home office’, all of a sudden, they are less appealing. A thief might risk it for a PlayStation, but they’re less likely to for what could be a box of files and paperwork.

Make use of storage

Self storage units are a great way to keep the bulk of your personal belongings safe until you’re ready to bring them to your new home. Even better, you can put things into storage long before the day of your move, dropping off a few boxes each night over a couple of weeks or months. Not only does this ensure your belongings are safe, it also gives you less to do on moving day.

Keep hold of the really important stuff

Keep hold of the really important stuff

You smaller valuables can be kept on your person, so they never have to leave your sight during the day. We’re talking passports, birth certificates, insurance documents, and the like, as well as important pieces of jewellery, medication, and other essentials – all the things you cannot live without.

Use a reputable removal company

Perhaps the best way to safeguard your belongings is to hire a removal company you can trust. As experts at house removals in Leicester, we work quickly and efficiently to get the truck loaded. Having extra people on the premises to handling the loading and keep an eye on the truck drastically reduces the window of opportunity for anyone planning to steal your belongings. We also provide insurance for your items during the move, so if there are any issues with missing or damaged items, you’re fully covered.

If you’re looking for a removal company you can rely on in the Leicester area, give Stokes Removals and Storage a call today. You can reach us on 0116 239 3000 to discuss your particular requirements and to get a free, no-obligation quote for our services.

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