6 Safety Tips for Moving House

Moving house is an exciting time but if you aren’t prepared it can become stressful and time-consuming. In the midst of packing and moving, make sure that you’re not neglecting safety as an injury is the last thing you want.

Stokes Removals offer safe and straight-forward business and residential removals in Leicester, to streamline the process and make moving more manageable for you.  Follow our tips to ensure you carry out tasks safely and avoid injuries.


If you decide to do packing yourself, invest in some good quality boxes, tapes and markers to ensure that your belongings are safely packed away and boxes won’t split.

Avoid overpacking your boxes and always pack lighter items in bigger boxes, or they will become too heavy to lift. For heavier items, pack them at the bottom of boxes so that the weight will be distributed, and use bubblewrap or newspaper to ensure that they do not move around inside which can make it dangerous to carry them.


It’s vital that you know to lift using your legs instead of your back to prevent long-term injuries. Your leg muscles are much stronger and they should be taking the majority of weight. To make it easier, place boxes on top of chairs or tables as you pack to avoid bending down as much. Take the time to assess how heavy the boxes will be and make sure that you can take the strain without injuring your back in the process.

Clear pathwayClear Pathways of Clutter

It’s really easy to get carried away while packing and end up with your floors and hallways covered with boxes. Make sure before leaving an area that you clear the walkways so that its easy to move around without tripping.  Entrances and stairs are particularly hazardous so these should remain completely clear at all times.

Appropriate Footwear & Clothing

The right gear will make the task of moving house a lot easier. You need to choose clothes that are comfortable for you to move around in and that you don’t mind getting dusty.

All the packing and lifting can make you warm, but with doors opening as people pass through the temperature might drop just as fast, so it’s best to wear layers. Wear appropriate footwear to keep your toes safe. Sandals and high heels will only slow you down so choose closed shoes with grip on the soles.

Kids & Pets

cat in a box

It would be wise to get a relative or a trusted friend to look after the kids and the pets on the day of the move and if you are spending days packing.  While it might be fun to do things as a family, this is one activity that isn’t suitable for them to take part in. Will all the rushing about and obstacles around, the removal environment isn’t safe for young children or pets.

Call in the Experts

Moving house is one of the times when you constantly need an extra pair of hands. Requesting help from friends and family can help but for the best support, consider calling in the professionals.

Stokes Removals allow you to have as much or as little help as you like with our full or part packing options to complement our removals service. We can pack specialist objects or specific rooms, or help pack and move all of your belongings – the choice is yours. Once packed, we take care of all the lifting and transporting for you in a safe and organised manner, so you can have complete peace of mind.

Relocation doesn’t have to be painful. For a smooth and safe transition arranged by the professionals, call Stokes Removals & Storage on 0116 239 3000.

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