Who Do You Need to Inform Ahead of a House Move?

When moving home you’ll need to make a list of people you have to contact concerning your move. Whether it’s family and friends, banks or utility companies, everyone is going to start wondering where you’ve gone if you don’t tell them that you’re moving.

The internet has actually speeded up the process of contacting people, and made it cheaper to do via e-cards instead of traditional mail – allowing you to inform virtually all of your family and friends instantly and for free. A mail redirection service is also something to consider however, as some mail will still probably be addressed to you and sent to your old address.

It should be remembered that any mail redirection service will need to be set up at the Post Office as soon as possible, as it may take a week or more to come into effect.

The list you make should be broken down into sections, and this can be done by using headings. There should be a section regarding your services, one regarding your finances, one for your insurance companies, and another for various authorities. The final section should just be labelled ‘Other’ or ‘Miscellaneous’.

The name of each company should be next to the specific service provided, and next to this should be a space for the date that you notified each service, bank, company, or authority. This organisation might seem over the top, but it means you can be sure of who you notified and when should anything go awry.

For the services list there should be the name of the service, such as water company, electricity or gas company, telephone company, broadband provider, and, if you have them, the name of your satellite or cable TV providers. This procedure should be repeated regarding the finances section, with the names of your banks, building societies, credit card companies and loan companies included.

The insurance section should include, as well as insurance companies, breakdown services if applicable, while the authority section should include the likes of your local authority, inland revenue, DVLA, and school, etc.

Also among people you should contact when you move home are family and friends, and they would probably appreciate directions to your new home, too!

There’s a lot to think about and do when moving home, but Stokes Removals can help to make the whole process a lot less stressful. We are a Leicester based, family run removals firm that has over 50 years of experience, offering a reliable and high quality domestic and office removals and storage service.

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