How to Move Your Garden

We invest a lot of time and effort into our gardens, cultivating flowers, plants and trees over many years. When the time comes to move house, it’s not nice to think of all that hard work going to waste.

Here at Stoke Removals & Storage, we have been helping the residents of Leicester with their home removal needs for years – and that includes their gardens.

Here are a few top tips for moving the key components of your garden to their new home.

Plan ahead

Rehousing your plants safely in your new garden is a time-critical process. Make sure you have a diagram of the new garden, so you can draw out precisely where everything is going to go. This means you can replant your flowers and plants quickly and efficiently, minimising their travel trauma and improving their chances of success.

Talk to us

At Stokes Removals & Storage, we’re happy to help in any way we can with moving your plants and flowers, but we need a little advance notice. If you tell us what plants you’re taking with you, we can arrange our removal vans to offer optimal support for the journey. This includes providing sufficient space for them, or even arranging an additional trip specifically for your greenery.

Utilise self storage space

While it may not be appropriate for plants (aside from some of the hardier varieties of succulent) many of your garden ornaments and equipment can be put in to storage until you’re ready to rehome them. We provide a safe and secure self-storage facility, easily-accessed at a time that suits you.

Prepare your plants for the journey

Plants don’t tend to like being moved, making it crucial that you keep their stress to a minimum. For potted plants, ensure that their pots are free of cracks and fit for travel. With other plants, you need to make sure they are properly hydrated. Soak the soil the day before. On the evening prior to your move, you can uproot them, wrapping the roots and soil un plastic sheeting. This prevents them from messing up the removals van, whilst also ensuring plenty of liquid nourishment for the journey.

Packing your plants

With the roots wrapped and secured, you can place any unpotted plants in a lined box for transporting.

Invest in some bamboo or wooden canes to support any long stems or branches on the journey. If you’re only making one trip, be sure that you load your plants into the van last and that they are properly secured.

If you’re looking for home and garden removals in Leicester, look no further. Contact Stokes Removals & Storage today on 0116 239 3000 for a free, no obligation quote.

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