Helping the elderly with a house move

No matter how old you are, moving house can be a trying time, but possibly more so if you’re an older person. It’s not as easy to haul items into boxes and crates, there’s a lot of accumulated belongings – both physical and emotional – tied up in the home, and so much admin involved with any change of address. If you’re able to assist an elderly friend, family member, or neighbour, you’ll be helping them more than you think.

We have performed removals in Leicester for hundreds of elderly customers and we have the following hints and tips for anybody looking to help an older friend or family member with their move:

Leave plenty of time

Often, elderly people are not a fit as they once were and may not have the energy they did in their youth. When helping them move, it’s important to remember this and to leave plenty of time to complete tasks. 

Break down jobs into manageable tasks

Moving house is a big job at any age, but you can make it more manageable by breaking it down into smaller tasks and sub-tasks. Completing smaller tasks gives an elderly person an opportunity to take a break and allows them to set their own pace.


When helping an elderly person move home, communication is all important. However the two of you are splitting the work, be sure you both know what each of you is doing. Remember to update one another regularly, particularly if you’re running late on a particular job.

Help them with their admin work

Of course, there’s more to moving house than the physical move itself. People need to switch GP, utility companies, and other services, while banks, insurers, and other providers will need an updated address. Do you need to set up mail forwarding with the Post Office? Have the local council and Pensions Service been informed? This can be a lot to handle for an older person, but it’s absolutely vital to avoid confusion and inconvenience later on.

Hire a removal company

Here at Stokes Removals and Storage, we always recommend hiring a professional moving company. Companies like ours that specialise in removals can be relied upon to help our elderly customers with more than just loading and unloading a van. We can help dismantle their furniture and assemble again at their new home. We can pack up their belongings quickly and safely, ensuring any fragile or precious items are particularly looked after. With our decades of experience and our friendly team, we can also reassure them if they’re worried about their belongings making the journey to their new home.

If you need a removal service for yourself or an elderly friend or relative, give Stoke Removals & Storage a call today. You can reach us on 0116 239 3000, where you can speak to a member of the team about your particular needs and get a free quote for our services, with no obligation to use them.

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