Moving House at Christmas

Here at Stokes Removals, we have been assisting our clients with their removals in Leicester for more than half a century. While moving house at Christmas might make things a bit more frantic, there are ways to minimise the impact of the holiday season on your big move.

Here are just a few of them…

The weather

With any winter move, you run the risk of getting snow on your moving day and, the further you get into December, the greater the likelihood of this occurring. Most removal companies operate heavy-duty vans and lorries that can easily handle inclement weather. For your own safety, make sure you have a supply of sand, grit, or road salt to keep your pathways clear of snow.

Christmas shopping

Always a conundrum? Do you buy it all beforehand and load onto the removals van? Do you wait until you move and risk getting everything delivered on time? One alternative is to ask a friend or family member to look after your Christmas shopping for you until the big move.


Once you know your moving date, get in touch with your utilities providers and book an installation or changeover date. Organising this in advance ensures a lit and heated new home – essential during Christmastime.


If you have children, December is already an exciting time. Make the most of it, and see if a relative or friend will take them for the day to take part in some festive fun, while you get your house move sorted.

Pay it forward

It’s customary to leave the family that is moving into your old house some important information: bin collection days, recycling points, and so on. Given the season, why not make it more personal by writing them on a Christmas card, welcoming them to their new home?

If you’re moving house at Christmas (or any other time) and need high-quality removals in Leicester, then give Stokes Removals a call today on 0116 239 3000, for your free, no-obligation quote.

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