Disposing of Packaging After a House Move

Average house removals in Leicester utilises between 60 and 100 boxes of various sizes for packaging purposes. Even if you break them down and fold them up, that’s a lot of space taken up by cardboard boxes you don’t need any more.

In this article, we take a look at some ways to dispose of your packing materials, to create more room and prevent waste:

Give them away

Perhaps the easiest solution to too many packing boxes is simply to donate them to a friend or family member who is also planning a big move. There’s normally no shortage of people in need of good quality packaging materials and at least you know your boxes aren’t going to waste. If there’s nobody in your immediate circle who could benefit from them, look for a local freecycle group on Facebook, where members give away items that they no longer have a use for.


Most cardboard boxes are recyclable so, if you want to free up some space, you can simply fold them down and put them in your recycling bin for the council to take care of. This might be something you need to stretch out over a few collections if you have a large number of boxes to get rid of. You can also use the Recycle website to check the correct way to recycle packing and packaging materials as well other household items in your area.

Repurpose them

Cardboard boxes are great for a variety of projects. You can lay them flat over allotment beds to prevent weeds from growing in. You can use them for model-building and dioramas, or as a splash guard for painting and other artistic endeavours. They’re handy for storing tools and other items in your shed, garage, or loft. These are just a few ideas of what you can do with a supply of sturdy packing boxes.

Use for storage

Of course, if you’re downsizing your property, planning on some major renovations or redecorating, or simply hoping to maximise available space, there’s a great solution for your packing boxes – reuse them as storage boxes. Packing boxes are easy to store and stack and most self-storage facilities will offer guidelines on how large a unit you need for a given number of boxes, meaning you won’t be paying over the odds for a space not used.

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