Dismantling and Rebuilding Furniture

The process of dismantling and rebuilding requires hard labour and effort. It’s undoubtedly stressful and time-consuming when you have to move houses or offices at the same time. Most of us picture moving out as a simple task. We tend to think that we can finish in a few hours, but the results don’t often alight with our expectations in reality. A ten-minute job can turn into a nightmarish hour when trying to disassemble a bed or wardrobe.

Without the right tools, careful planning, and extra help, dismantling and rebuilding furniture will take up too much of your time and energy. Removal companies offer excellent services at affordable prices and save you all hassle and work that comes with moving out. Here are some great tips and hints on dismantling that can help you.

How to dismantle a wardrobe

You can go about this differently depending on what style of wardrobe you own. Some wardrobes, such as classic two-door wardrobes, won’t need dismantling and can be carried and transported with decent access.

Make sure to remove any loose and unfixed shelves before removing the frame of your wardrobe. On some occasions, it’s necessary to unscrew the railing from the side. The next step is the removal of the doors.

The easier way

If you don’t have time to DIY it, then Stoke Removals are here to help. Our room to room removal service comes with professional assistance. Our friendly team of mover will disassemble your wardrobe for you, do all the heavy lifting, carry them safely through your hallways, and load them into the van. Upon arrival, we will reassemble your wardrobe and position them in their allocated room.

How to dismantle a bed frame

Many of us will get carried away by trying to carry out the whole frame without dismantling anything, causing property damage, injuries, and an unusable bed. Another mistake is attempting to dismantle the entire structure in one go. Avoid doing this.

Start from the bed base, put the mattress on one side, and check the footboard panel’s overview. This will be held by bolts or locking nuts and dowels depending on your frame build. The next step is to release or unscrew these on both sides and pull the baseboard off from the main bed. Repeat the same process for the headboard and keep the remaining parts of the frame on the floor to avoid any damage and hazard.

If you need an extra pair of hands

Want to save more time and in need of extra assistance? Our part load service is a flexible service for moving a few larger pieces of furniture like your bed frame, allowing you to focus on the more manageable and lighter packing whilst our movers will handle the heavy furniture. This service is cost-efficient and will enable you to customize the service level to suit your moving situation fully.

Removal company services

When it’s finally time to move offices or homes, there are too many steps and tasks that just cannot be done on your own. If you require large furniture moving, assembling, and disassembling services, your best option would be to choose Stoke Removals.

Our professional and friendly team of packers and movers are experts at handling furniture and transporting them. We will disassemble all furniture at your old location and deliver them to the new place. Whether you’re moving business or home, we will ensure that your move proceeds smoothly.

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