Tips on Moving House During the Summer

Moving home in the summer is a good idea because it gives you more favourable conditions and means you will likely be able to free up more time from work. If you have kids it also means you can reduce the academic disruption they will experience by changing schools. Here we explore some tips to make moving in the summer as smooth as possible.

Get started early

Moving in the summer can expose you to heat that can make the lifting and moving of possessions far more difficult. Starting any moving tasks early in the day will help you to beat the heat.

Consider your belongings

Remember that not all of your belongings will fare well if they are left in a hot truck for hours on end. Furniture with a beeswax coating, for example, can be damaged by the heat. Plan for the hottest part of the day and ensure you are moving the more sensitive items early on or into the evening.

Bring portable fans

Portable fans can be a great help when you are moving in the summer. Setting one up to blow in the truck and in the doorway of your home will ensure that you and the team are not sweating and parched as soon as you start the day.

Drinking waterEnsure you have plenty of water

Making sure that you drink lots is important and you should always keep a supply of bottled water to hand for everyone involved. The last thing you want on moving day is sunstroke or dehydration to set in.

Use professionals

Moving is very hard work and this can be compounded in the summer when the sun is glaring down on you. Making use of a professional removals Leicester company will help to ease some of the strain on you. Leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals can make your day far more manageable.

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