Tips for Moving In Together

Moving in with your partner is a big step and exciting, but there are many things you need to do before moving. Here are some tips that will make the process more stress-free for you and your partner.

Packing Before the Move

Having everything packed and the boxes labelled makes the move-in go smoothly. Take your time to pack carefully and label each box. It is helpful to number the boxes and write down an inventory of what each numbered box contains. Separate the things that will go into the new place and those that will be put in storage and box them accordingly. Label the large items with a numbered sticker as well.

Unpacking After the Move

Due to pandemic, it’s important to follow the safety rules. Let the delivery workers bring the boxes in while you stay a safe distance away from them.

Give the movers a prepared guide of where things need to go. It is how your numbering system will come in handy. Have a floor plan diagram with a list of the numbers of the boxes or furniture for each room.

When unpacking with your partner, remember to:

  • Take it Easy: Allow plenty of time for the unpacking. Think of it as a process to accomplish over a few days rather than in one day. Doing too much too fast is exhausting.
  • Take Frequent Breaks: Plan breaks during the unpacking process. It could be as simple as having a tea break every hour or going outside for a walk.
  • Allocate space: When moving in with your partner, it’s important to avoid territorial disputes. You can prevent this by discussing a few things beforehand. For example, decide together on the allocation of storage and room space. This way, each person will have their own personal space in the new house.
  • Compromise: Now that you are sharing with another person, you may have to compromise on a few things.

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