Is There A Temporary Solution To A Clutter Problem?

One of the most stressful factors in moving home is preparing your property for viewings, you find yourself undertaking more cleaning than you’ve ever attempted in your life and are flabbergasted by the amount of possessions you’ve accumulated over the years! You want your home to be pristine, light and airy to attract potential buyers and show them your homes full potential, and you don’t need to get rid of your furniture, ornaments, books, files and other possessions to do it.

Temporary Storage Is Your Key To Selling Success

You need to make your home as de-cluttered as possible so viewers can visualise their own furniture in your space, so how can you de-clutter quickly on a budget?

You can use de-cluttering your home as an excuse to finally get rid of lingering possessions you no longer need, remember not everything has to make the move with you. If you have wardrobes full of old clothes, tattered old furniture you never use or ornaments that were ill conceived gifts from your in-laws 20 years ago it might be the perfect time to pay a visit to charity the charity shops.

Sometimes a touch of paint is that’s needed. Give your walls and possibly your furniture a fresh lick of paint to instantly brighten space, choose neutral colours so they won’t clash with buyers furniture.

If you have items you want to keep but don’t necessarily want on show then find a reputable storage facility that will keep a close eye on your possessions while your house is on display. A good storage facility will store anything from a few bits and pieces to the entire contents of your house so however much you want to store for however long you always have a solution.

Here at Stokes Removals we have been specialising in household storage facilities in Leicester for over 50 years. Our purpose build storage containers are individually sealed with your contents and not opened again until they are delivered back to your home, so if you’re in need of a storage solution call us today on 01162393000 or get in touch online and a dedicated member of our team will be happy to get back to you.

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