A Guide to Packing for a Stress free Move

Moving out of home for the first time? Upgrading to your second property? Moving offices? It comes to us all at some stage in life, and it often brings one thing with it: stress. From the logistical nightmare to last-minute panic, moving isn’t easy. But rest assured: here are four steps you can take to ensure a stress-free move.

What’s going to go where?

Getting everything into boxes then into the removal van is the first hurdle. It’s easy to forget you’ll have another one when you arrive at your new space: where to put everything? If your old home or office is very similar to your new one it won’t be too hard, but if it’s different, then you’ll need to plan. Sketch a floor plan of both premises and mark out what will go where – you’ll thank yourself for it when moving day comes around.

Book a removal specialist early on

You could, of course, try and do it all yourself, but you might find it tricky, especially if you have lots of stuff. We’d recommend searching for removal companies in Leicester as soon as you know you’re definitely moving – that way, you can enjoy some early peace of mind that all the hard stuff will be taken care of and then some.

Pack an emergency kit

Now, we’re not for one minute comparing a move to the apocalypse – however, it does help to pack an emergency kit, or survival kit if you’re looking for something a little more palatable. Moving day can be hectic, busy and fraught, especially if family members (and pets!) are also involved. Pack away some basic supplies in a bag you’ll always have on you – like water, tea bags, chocolate, pop, mobile phone chargers, toiletries, etc. – so you can all keep topped up as you move.

Label, label then label some more

We love a label. To avoid arriving at your new place with a horde of faceless boxes – cue minor meltdown – label everything so you know exactly where it belongs in your new pad. That’ll make unpacking a total breeze. If you’re going to arrive at your new gaff late and won’t have time to take care of everything, you could have a special box for each room that contains the essentials you’ll need to enjoy a comfy first night.

If you’re moving property and would like to discuss your requirements, call one of our removal specialists on 0116 239 3000. If you are researching costs, you can get a quick estimate with Stokes Removals & Storage today.

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