Choosing the Correct Boxes for Your Move

When moving out, most of us don’t think much about which box we would use before packing. We tend to improvise and store our things in the nearest bag or unused box, as long as we get the job done. So choosing the correct boxes is often neglected and overlooked by most movers.

However, to make moving out easy and efficient, it is essential to choose the correct box to safely store your things and avoid damaging your items. Below is a list of different types of boxes and their uses.

Wardrobe Box

Whilst the wardrobe box is designed to store your clothes, they are versatile enough to be used for any other items. The horizontal bar provides a space to hang your most important garments like shirts, blazers, jackets and trousers. By using this box, you can be sure that none of your favourite clothes will crease. As a bonus, the process of unpacking your clothes is straightforward and stress-free.

Standard Cardboard Box

A standard cardboard box is a staple box for storage when moving out. It is cheap and easy to find. It can also be recycled and packed away when not in use. Before moving out, a good tip is to place heavy items in a small size box and store lighter items in a bigger box. The cardboard box holds up much better when it carries a small number of heavy objects. It avoids the dangers of overloading and breaking fragile items like plates and mugs.

Crockery Box

Kitchenware is one of the most fragile items to store and move, so having the correct box is a must. Unlike your standard box, a crockery box contains adjustable partitions to divide plates, mugs and bowls. The division will keep the kitchenware safe and secure as there is less clashing and excess movement during transit. Some crockery boxes will also have a built-in handle on the top, making it easier to carry.

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